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A Design and Strategy Studio



Husband and Wife Team

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, Park St. Studio is a husband and wife led team. To us branding is so much more than just a design, it’s an opportunity to cultivate connection & relationship between our customers. When our clients are ready, we provide cutting edge strategy and continued support to grow their business.

kory miller

Owner / Art Director / Designer

A Northern Arizona native with a passion for all things design. Kory graduated from Northern Arizona University and has been professionally designing for 6+ years. Kory has extensive knowledge and experience working with both large and small brands from around the world. Kory believes great design is the key to unlocking a company's full potential and enjoys creative problem solving. He is passionate about relationships and supporting businesses unleash their creative spirit.


kasey miller

Co-Owner / Business Development

An Arizona Desert native with a passion for all things sales and marketing. Kasey graduated from Arizona State where she received her in B.S. in Marketing. After spending over 3+ years in the Sales Industry, Kasey joined forces with her husband Kory to offer strategic planning services. Kasey works closely with clients strategizing growth opportunities and areas of influence for their brand. She thrives off of relationships and helping her customers get in front of their target market.