Understanding the Opportunity in Front of You

What does this mean? It’s an understanding that I have been working on my entire life but instead of giving you a 25-year recap, let’s go back just a few short years...

My names Kasey and I am the Co-Owner of Park St. Studio. I’ve been waiting awhile to say that. If you’ve landed on this page, then I’m pretty sure you know who my wonderful husband Kory is. The creator and designer behind our studio. We always dreamed of working together.

I met Kory during my sophomore year of college. I was studying business Marketing at Arizona State University while Kory was getting his Art Education degree at Northern Arizona University.

I was sure these were the years that would lead me to my dream job. I mean this business degree was HARD and passing statistics was nearly a calling for higher level thinkers… so I thought.


I did what I believed were all the right steps to finding success. Landed 3 amazing internships, worked a part-time job, and even finished my degree early to save money on the loans… (which I paid off in 11 months… thank you, waitressing).


I’ve always been the girl that had my hands in many a thing but struggled with contentment or that I wasn’t doing enough.


After college, I took a job with Multi-Billion Dollar Company because,

  1. It was moving me to San Francisco.

  2. It was the perfect resume builder for my career.

  3. I was going to be given a Ford F150 to drive around.

The company was called Stanley Black & Decker, a tool company. I had ZERO clue about tools. I still have ZERO clue about tools. My job included marketing and sales in a specific territory, that I could do.

At the time, I was so fearful of what I was doing with this kind of job, it certainly wasn’t glamorous nor my dream job. In a society that enables overnight success, I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t just created a YouTube Channel or started a travel blog.


At the time, Kory was making art and attending first Fridays to promote his work. For a while, I was a little hesitant on what type of career this would look like for him. I mean, I thought I had done all the right things, landed the internships and taking a full-time gig out of state meanwhile, Kory is painting and designing for fun! It was his passion, it was what he felt called to wake up and do each and every day. There was NO WAY I was going to wake up loving tools and selling them.


With time came my next opportunity. It was in an industry that I love. I was back in Arizona doing sales for a premiere health club and spa. Still not my dream job but it definitely checked off a lot of what was on my list. I was pushed in this job like none I’d ever had before… because SALES. It surely was a grind, but hey the pay was worth it.


Kory was still on the rise in his art career and moving into more digital work. From an outsider’s perspective, success came easy for Kory. He’s always been able to do what he loved and be his own boss #thedream, right? It wasn’t until recently that I learned just how big of a job running your own business is. I’ve been working alongside Kory full time for a few months now and loving every second of it.


I’m learning the importance behind every opportunity. Whether we choose to take them or not, I’m almost certain there is some form of growth that comes out of it. For so long, I believed that if I wasn’t doing exactly what I loved or felt “called” to do, that I obviously wasn’t getting it right.


I believe this type of verbiage can often be overused. We feel like we need to be doing our “Our calling" or our “passion”. But the truth is, does our calling have the ability to make what you love into something that is profitable? Money certainly isn’t everything, but unfortunately, those bills and expenses don’t just go away. LIFE can be so confusing...


When I look back on the path that got me to here, I couldn’t have done it any other way. I too, struggled with thinking, “If only I could just be doing what I what I LOVED”.


So, my path has looked a little different than the overnight success or Kory’s consistent passion and push to becoming a designer. Mine was a little all over the place and yours may be too.


The tools I learned in marketing and sales… Everything from managing people, to feeling confident on selling anything to anyone and everyone, hitting the phone and calling 60+ random people a day, 9-5 jobs, the secrets behind advertising, marketing hacks, being stretched on all levels, and not to forget parking a Ford F150 in the hills of San Francisco.


Opportunities are presented in such unique ways. We are easy fooled by our society and the success we see from images or posts. I believe I started writing this blog with the intent of sharing the importance behind understanding the opportunity in front of you.


Sometimes glamorous and sometimes scary… I’m certain you have a lot to learn from your path. If there is a burning desire deep down in your soul for something greater, I hope you find it. If you are anything like me, it may take jumping around a bit, staying up late to work on a fun passion project, and keeping your eyes open to the process.

Looking back on my own opportunities, I can clearly see how mapped out they were for me, not always easy but certainly always worth it.

I don’t have the overnight success story, nor do I have the drop everything and go all in on my dream job because for me it was a process, a process worth working towards. Today, I’m living out my calling and that is to take every opportunity I have to love people well. The more I focus on that, the more at peace I feel with the journey I am on.

-Kasey Miller



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