Happy Accidents

I believe life is full of happy accidents and my journey as a creator has felt a lot like that. I grew up in love with drawing and painting, mostly because people around me told me I was good at it. It wasn't until college that I discovered what creative expression could mean for me as a career. I never was great at working for someone else and thus figured out what I would call "the loop hole", which involved selling my artwork and creating paintings for individuals in order to pay the rent. Every artist at one point or another goes through their "starving artist stage" and this was certainly mine but my passions refused to let me do anything else. I've always felt like the universe was rooting for me to succeed. I began to network with people in my hometown who gave me opportunities to create murals in prominent areas. As a way to show them what the murals would look like once painted, I began creating digital proofs and this is where everything shifted for me.

I fell in love with the digital world and my eyes were opened to incredible designers. I no longer wanted to just paint canvas and walls, I wanted my work to be displayed on clothing, billboards, and throughout businesses across the country. My vision grew and I had an internal voice asking me, "how far do you think we can take this?" Now-a-days my wife and I run a full illustration and design studio that creates for companies world wide. We handle everything from brand creation to a clothing lines spring/summer/fall collection. Being trained in the classical arts gives each project we work on a unique feel that is hard to find elsewhere. Every step of my creative journey has led me to where I am today. Perhaps my hard work and skill has finally paid off or you could argue that life is simply full of happy accidents.

Kory Miller1 Comment