The Irony Of The Creative Process

           The creative process has always been incredibly ironic to me. If you think about the concept, it feels like it should be full of wonder, imagination, spirituality, and maybe a little bit of magic. As if to say that creativity comes to you and grants you the perfect idea for your next project. If you are an artist you know that being creative has little to do with being blessed and everything to do with hard work. An artist has to be disciplined in order to be inspired. The greatest ideas come from pulling out our hair, agonizing over self worth, and having plenty of failures.

          Every time I finish up a project that embodies my best work there comes a flood of depression knowing that I have to re-enter the creative process for my next client. It is like running a race in mud at the beginning. Or rather you are playing hide and seek where you are the seeker looking for the right idea, but in this game there are unlimited boundaries.

          I suppose that is what makes being an artist so incredible. You have a problem you need to solve, but there are endless paths to get there. In order to make a living creating, you have to wake up, pour yourself strong black coffee, and go to war.  They are right when they say that there is beauty in the struggle. For every time you wrestle your spirit, become intentional, and discover your creativity, your art finds itself. For those who wage war with me I welcome you. The artist was never meant to be creative by himself.